CLOSED: Welcome to Sacred Mother Bengkung!

Please be advised that this business no longer exists. I have decided to stop offering my services as a business because it is culturally appropriated and you would be better served finding someone who can offer these services authentically and with proper cultural training.

*I will donate my time for binding lessons for parents who have just experienced pregnancy/infant loss, but they will need to provide or order their own wrap from etsy as I’m no longer making them.


My goal is to support women to survive and thrive throughout their postpartum period.

I offer postpartum (and loss) sealing ceremonies, ceremonial baths, and lessons in Malaysian inspired belly binding (womb wrapping). Please see the “Postpartum Warming” and “What is Bengkung?” pages in the About menu for more information about the history and theories behind these postpartum practices from around the world.

I am based out of Surrey, BC, but can travel between North Vancouver and Abbotsford (travel fees apply) in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley for appointments.



Lacey Bashir and Sacred Mother Bengkung are not licensed medical providers. The recommendations on this website are not intended to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Contact your licensed medical provider prior to use of any products or services advertised on this website.

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